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Sketchy Love

So every time I make a comic, I start by making a sketch script. Then, I make a finished page by referencing the sketch. I draw in photoshop, assemble in comic life, and export to image. But… I always end up with a ton more sketch than finished pages… So… I decided this time I’m gonna just role with a story and post the sketch, rather than finish the art. That way, I can have an almost constant flow of work. (example, 9 pages are up, 45 pages exist) So, please enjoy my sketchy work, with text edits, so you can actually sorta read it. But I won’t bother to spell check everything. I mean some of the words I spell check because they simply look nothing like what they should, but mostly, no spell check. I dislike spelling and such. You get the idea of what I am trying to convey.


Still going!

Hey people! I currently have updates scheduled thought January and enough in progress pages to fill February, plus a lot of unscanned pages that will keep us going! The story is just starting to get good, at least in my opinion. I definitely have no lack of motivation for creating plot. XD

But real talk Smack Jeeves, you guys are a mystery to me. If any of you readers also make comics here you know authors can see stats for viewers. And... Well as far as I can tell, Smack Jeeves has the highest viewer rate of all locations that this comic is posted. ... As well the most erratic... Seriously, I got a spike one day over 500 views, we don't even have that many pages yet! Of course it was more than one vister...

If someone enjoys my comic of tumblr, they give it a like, (or reblog if they are nice) if they like it on Tapas the do the same. Likes... Don't seem to have exist here...? We have ratings? Whatever those are... Look I know this is just a sketch for now, but it is basically the full story of Tiger's Saga. Yeah there are grammar and spelling errors, but its comprehensible. I mean on bigger words I check them now, in spelling and definition to ensure no larger chunks are bad...

My point here is I have an audience here I don't even know! When I get likes on the pages I post on tumblr, I know that page was maybe better drawn or had good lines, but if I get no response, I know nothing. So... I'd love to hear from you...

Posted by Mars714 @ January 1st, 2018, 9:45 am
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Lets keep it going.

My last update boost was sometime last year during this time of year. However, I ran into a splinter in the story and the timeline had to be written out of order to hold up. Once I finally had everything that was missing filled in, I started posting again. We've been upating since September, and just like last year strangely enough. Last year, in November the updates stopped, but not this time. I have dayly updates secduled up to the beginning of January. And like two additional chapters unfinished but drawn ready for after that. My point is, if I get on this, if I try, I can make this work. I can deliver a constant stream. And once I finish the Earth book, I plain to finally do the color version. However I need to upgrade my computer first... Since damn Photoshop updated and needs a better graphic card...

Anyway I know I'm kinda quiet... But I'd really love to hear from you all! Like, do you want to hear the audio I recorded for all the songs? This is the only site Sketchy--Love/Tigers Saga is on without them. Feel free to comment but know I check this site sparringly, so be patient. (That could change if people talk to me!)

Posted by Mars714 @ October 29th, 2017, 7:04 am
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Update schedule

I will be updating every week day. Also, most of this comic has premiered on Tumblr, try and find it if you want to read ahead and get extras!

Posted by Mars714 @ November 12th, 2015, 8:48 pm
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