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The Prism People’s Prism Perception is a lost art. Since Penelope was born as the only remaining Prism Person, and the Prism Peoples culture was still under segue during her childhood, she had to learn to master the ability with no teacher. A lot of the ability is dependent on personal interpretation, and very difficult to explain. This is especially true when Pen is working to teach her children, whom each have varied levels of use of this ability.

Coza has the strongest Prism Perception of any of Pen’s children. For her, she can read emotions, and look into the “emotional past” of a person. She has the ability to see the surface of details about people. However, she can not see details such as names, names of locations, precise map locations, or other such details. She can see things like basic outlines of locations, feelings people have about other people, intentions of a new person meeting her and such.

The “emotional past” of a person includes things such as, how many romantic relationships a person has been in, how they ended or began if meaningful, any issues with family that cause stress, joy or other intense emotions. The ability can not find names or exact dates, or other details.

Although Prism Perception is tremendously useful for understanding people, Penelope found during her adolescence, it is also very trackable. The power gives off a subtle, yet clearly distinct signal on radar and other tracking devices. It can interfere with cell phone signal and a other radio waves. Although most planets use some more advanced signals, some newer planets notice the disruption and grow suspicious.

I maybe forgetting something, I’ll add it later if i am…

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