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October 29th, 2017, 7:04 am

Lets keep it going.

My last update boost was sometime last year during this time of year. However, I ran into a splinter in the story and the timeline had to be written out of order to hold up. Once I finally had everything that was missing filled in, I started posting again. We've been upating since September, and just like last year strangely enough. Last year, in November the updates stopped, but not this time. I have dayly updates secduled up to the beginning of January. And like two additional chapters unfinished but drawn ready for after that. My point is, if I get on this, if I try, I can make this work. I can deliver a constant stream. And once I finish the Earth book, I plain to finally do the color version. However I need to upgrade my computer first... Since damn Photoshop updated and needs a better graphic card...

Anyway I know I'm kinda quiet... But I'd really love to hear from you all! Like, do you want to hear the audio I recorded for all the songs? This is the only site Sketchy--Love/Tigers Saga is on without them. Feel free to comment but know I check this site sparringly, so be patient. (That could change if people talk to me!)

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